Six Tips To Avoid A Life Of Poverty As A Musician

If you are dreaming of writing great pop, country or rock songs songs, then you know that the songwriting process isn't as easy as it might sound. Record covers of current popular songs and post on YouTube. Managers, labels and executives alike will want to know that you are part of an active community that includes a destination website for your project or band, as well as Facebook, Twitter, a ReverbNation profile, or even a Tumblr.

One thing technology did besides change the sales landscape for music sales forever, is to knock down the barriers previously in place before the rise of social media. A 30-something singer-songwriter and mul I had never heard of Ari Herstand before listening to him read his book, How to Make it in the New Music Business, but now I'm definitely a fan.

Getting noticed as an unsigned independent artist is tough no matter what situation their in. Getting noticed by a people who matter is damn near impossible for most up and coming musicians, so this article will give you a few tips on how you can stand-out amongst the sea of other unsigned independent musicians in today's music industry.

I called record labels and went to record shops just Professional Development to meet people and learn as much as I could about the ‘who's who' of the business and all the ways in which I could enter, ultimately doing my school work experience in an admin role for a small independent label in London's Hoxton area.

Assuming you're past the stages of finding great band members to work with (if necessary) and have made high-quality recordings of your songs, here's a list of 50 music marketing strategies to get you started in growing your music career. If you want to learn more about music marketing and how to effectively start pushing your music out there, I suggest you download my free ‘ Introduction To Music Marketing ' ebook.

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