Mike Hitt - An Overview

Mike Hitt is best known for his role as founder and producer of MCM Studios, a Recording Studio in Pittsburgh, PA; available since 2011.

Hitt (Mike) is famous for developing and educating unsigned/indie ability as an exceptionally skilled executive engineer and producer. Gradually, Hitt releases his own self-produced titles and paths as a shining example of what's truly possible when one has the will to create and relentlessly pursues excellence in their craft.

Eulogy is your first of many documents to come as Hitt, to the delight of long time listeners and fans, fully embracing his skills as a performer, songwriter and performer for 2018 and beyond.

Mike's attitude towards music and life is inspiring to put it mildly. He is a hard-working, humble person, and I'm beyond thankful to be able to have worked with him for a few hours with a lot more to come in future.

I came in with a music producer guitar and my voice and left with a complete ring. He took what I had in my head and kept it very simple. Gave me specialist critiques that opened up paths my songs could take. I would not move anywhere else. He is recommended by 100% and his skills to anybody.

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